Start Weight
87 kilos
Current Weight
69 kilos
Weight Lost
18 kilos
12 months

My children have grown up and left home so meal time for me had become a choice of either takeaway or quick and easy meals both of which were quite unhealthy.

At 87 kilos I had lost all confidence

None of my clothes fitted and I felt terrible. Just getting up every day for work was an effort and my social life became non-existent. My sister in-law recommended Lite n’ Easy after some of her work colleagues had been successful losing weight, so that was the start for me.

I ordered the 1200 Calorie 7 day program with three meals a day and snacks and I couldn’t believe the food was so tasty and filling. I never felt hungry in between meals and it has been so good not having to go grocery shopping, with all my meals delivered to my front door.

I set my goal to lose 10 kilos, but it was so easy I have continued and lost 18 kilos.

Since losing the weight  I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10, I love shopping for clothes and I now accept every invitation to go out with friends.

Thank you to Lite n’ Easy!

*Individual results may vary