Start Weight
98.9 kilos
Current Weight
84.5 kilos
Weight Lost
14.4 kilos
3 months

I have always been a sporty type playing AFL super rules football and soccer, but carrying the additional weight had become an issue.

My eating pattern previously was to eat whatever, whenever, skipping meals when it was inconvenient and then eating heaps late at night.

So I started Lite n’ Easy a few months ago after I saw several friends succeed with the program.

I am now eating healthier than ever!

I am even eating plenty of greens, something I would never do before. The convenience of having prepared meals ensures I eat properly and don’t skip meals.

I started on the 1500 Calorie Meal Plan but was advised by the Lite n’ Easy consultant to increase to the 1800 Calorie Plan due to my exercise and activity level.

In just 3 months I lost over 14 kilos and I feel fitter and healthier than ever.

Receiving compliments just makes me feel even better. My footy coach and teammates are impressed with my results and I am kicking goals both on and off the field.

My wife was so jealous that she joined up too.

Lite n’ Easy is the way to go!