Michael K

Start Weight
91 kilos
Current Weight
76 kilos
Weight Lost
15 kilos
9 months

I saw a photo of myself on holidays in late January 2018 and just felt horrible! At 91 kilos I didn’t like what I had become. I had always exercised and been reasonably fit, but as I got older and life got busier with kids and work, I found I was eating too much and exercising too little to maintain a healthy weight.

My goal was to get down to 80 kilos and 10% body fat and I started using Lite n’ Easy to get my daily calorie intake right. I’ve used Lite n’ Easy on and off over the years and had also tried some other companies that offer a similar service, but I’ve always found Lite n’ Easy to be much better. I was also very happy to find that this time round the quality and variety is even better again, which made it easier keep going.

I ordered to 1200 Calorie or 1500 Calorie Full Meal Plan depending how I was feeling and how much I was training. I can’t fault the food, it’s very easy, simple to order, delivery is on time, quality is fantastic, easy to prepare and so good compared to the crappy take away meals I use to have.

I dropped 15 kilos in 9 months, pushing past my original goal to reach 76 kilos, the lightest I have been in years.

My body fat sits at 10-11% and on the health and fitness side I had become so fit, I feel awesome. I can maintain a high intensity training session both cardio and weights like never before! Day to day things like mowing the lawn and jumping around the house are effortless. The mental alertness and improvement in self confidence has been amazing.

I actually feel like I’m 20 years old again and I never want to be 91 kilos again!

*Individual results may vary