Start Weight
106 kilos
Current Weight
63 kilos
Weight Lost
43 kilos
18 months

Before Lite n’ Easy I’d been overweight my whole life and never thought anything of it. My hubby and I used to eat so much junk food and chocolate, buying food nearly every night. At 106 kilos I felt lethargic, unmotivated and kept making excuses not to lose weight. Being a mum of a son with special needs and having Lupus myself, I kind of gave up on myself. I ended up quite sick in hospital which really scared me. If something happened to me, who would be here to look after my son? 

So I started Lite n’ Easy and haven’t looked back. 

The reason I chose Lite n’ Easy is that it’s so simple.

I don’t have to worry about counting calories or think about what to make for dinner. The meals are amazing.

My initial weight loss goal was 75 but I now weigh 63 kilos! I do dance aerobics in my front room, which I love. I just laugh at myself as I dance.

I’ve lost 43 kilos now and am so happy with where I am but above all, I’m healthy! I can’t quite believe how far I’ve come and being invited to share my success story has been the icing on the cake.

Thank you Lite n’ Easy!

*Individual results may vary