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At Lite n’ Easy we know one option can’t possibly suit everyone. That’s why we offer more ways for you to enjoy our meals. From full 7 day plans with everything supplied to just dinner only options, we have all the flexibility (at an affordable price) you need to eat well and lose weight effortlessly.

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Breakfast and lunches. Lunches and dinners. Just dinners. With Lite n’ Easy you can order whatever you want. But for optimum weight loss, health benefits and convenience, our 7 Day Full Meal Plan is the way to go.

Full Meal Plans

Lite n’ Easy’s Full Meal Plans are designed specifically for weight loss but can also be used for convenience. Our 7 Day Full Meal Plan provides you with everything you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day. If you enjoy cooking at the weekend, our 5 Day Full Meal Plan is the perfect option.

Dinners Only

Just dinners are great for busy people wanting a healthier and convenient alternative on the nights they don’t have time to cook. With 55 dinners to choose from, you’ll find the perfect meals for you.

Other Options

With Lite n’ Easy, you can pick and choose just about any combination of meals to suit your individual needs. Click below to see the full range of meals available.

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