Happy Father’s Day to our Lite n’ Easy dads

These dads share how they improved their health and well-being

This Father’s Day, we wanted to share the amazing success stories of our Lite n’ Easy dads and how they improved their health and well-being.


Busy dad Jack, was physically and mentally tired and had trouble keeping up with his young daughter. As she grew from a baby to a toddler, she wanted to run and play. But Jack felt overweight and couldn’t move freely.

Jack started Lite n’ Easy which gave him the kick start he needed. Six months later, he had lost a total of 25 kilos.

“Thanks to Lite n’ Easy, I’ve lost weight and formed healthy eating habits. I feel really good, like I can be more active, and I feel like I can just keep going. I feel less mentally tired, and I’ve gained the confidence and energy needed to play with my daughter. Lite n’ Easy helped me become the dad I wanted to be.”


Michael has three kids and was struggling to find a good work-life balance, between managing a growing business and spending time with family.

“I had always exercised and been reasonably fit, but as I got older and life got busier with kids and work, I found I was eating too much and exercising too little to maintain a healthy weight.”

Michael started Lite n’ Easy and wanted to be a good role model for his kids and motivate them to be the best they can be.

“I dropped 15 kilos in 9 months, pushing past my original goal to reach 76 kilos, the lightest I have been in years.”


At 91 kilos, John was overweight and suffered from constant back pain. He found it hard to keep up with work, then come home and keep up with his two daughters. He was turning 40 and decided it was time to do something about it.

“Lite n’ Easy made dieting easy as all meals are pre-planned and this reduced the risk of me making bad choices or not eating during the day, then overeating at dinner.”

“I lost 15 kilos in 9 months, and I feel better for it. My back doesn’t hurt anymore and can keep up with my two children.”



Rick and his wife Donna started Lite n’ Easy together after the arrival of their first grandchild. They didn’t want to be grandparents that couldn’t play all day and keep up. Rick lost 25 kilos loves the convenience of the meals.

“Lite n’ Easy gives us more time together so instead of shopping, preparing and cooking meals we are out walking, riding motorbikes and socialising. Everything is just so much easier with this weight off.”

“Lite n’ Easy has changed our lives.” 


John G

John was feeling overweight and wanted to get back into shape before his birthday. With the help of Lite n’ Easy, John has lost 12 kilos and now has more energy. John is a busy dad with four kids and loves the healthy convenience of Lite n’ Easy.

“I am back working in my business which is physically demanding and I feel great. I also love having more energy to spend free time at home with my wife and my kids.”

John is a positive role model for his children after taking control of his health.

“I feel so motivated and I constantly advise my children about the importance of healthy eating and living. This has been a wake up call about healthy, portion controlled meals and clean eating.​”



Why Lite n’ Easy?

Meals from Lite n’ Easy can help men across all age groups eat well and stay healthy. Lite n’ Easy has a range of healthy meal options to suit men whether they’re after convenience or weight loss. Give us a call on 13 15 12 or click here to order now.